ABii National Savings and Loans – What you should know


ABii National Savings and Loans are some of the financial products ABii National offers its customers. The reality is that many start-up businesses keep springing up. Even individual businesses are not backing off. Because of this, there are slimmer chances of commercial banks meeting financial needs of these businesses. Consequently, individuals and business owners therefore seek financial help from other financial service providers (other than banks) in Ghana. ABii National Savings and Loans have many financial services they offer their customers.

As you read along, you’ll know more about ABii National Savings and Loans, their products and so on.

About ABii National

They founded ABii National in 2011. It is a savings and Loans Company in Ghana. They licensed them under the Non- Bank Financial Institutions Law, 2008, (Act 774). This law allows them to provide financial services to the public. Therefore, they carry out various financial services, such as; loan disbursement, taking of deposit, etc under the watch of the Bank of Ghana. Besides that, they undertake clearing, direct foreign transfers and other forms of international trade through their partnering banks.

What are ABii National savings and loan products?

ABii offers various products to their customers. They are:

  1. Salary Loan

This loan is available to workers of reputable companies. It has competitive monthly interest rates. Also, it has 1-24 monthly repayment which depends on the salary.

  1. ABii Salary Advance

The ABii salary advance is available to salaried workers. So, customers should have a current account. In order to qualify, salary must pass through the account for at least 3 months. It has competitive monthly interest rates. Also, it has an availability of up to 80% of salary. Borrowers can repay it with one lump sum or spread it over three (3) months.

They can process this product for you within 24 hours upon request.

  1. ABii Personal Loan

ABii personal loan is available to non-salaried workers with competitive monthly interest rates. It has a maximum tenure of 24 months. Besides that, they process it within 48 hours upon request. However, it is a collateralized loan.

  1. ABii Clearing Advance

It is available to importers with competitive interest rates. It has a 1-6 months tenure and they process it within 48hours upon request.

  1. Working Capital Support Loan

They created this product to support the working capital of businesses. It has competitive interest rates with a tenure of 1-12 months. They process this loan within 48 hours upon request.

  1. ABii Church Account

This is a competitive interest bearing current account for churches. And it is payable on balance of GH₵20,000 and above. It also bears free cash pick up for specific volumes on every Sunday and special events.

  1. Revolving Loan

This is a collateralized loan. It is available to SMEs with a high stock turnover. It has competitive monthly interest rates with 12 months’ tenure.

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  1. ABii SME Loan

This is a business loan for SMEs with a high turnover of a minimum of GH₵2million annually. It also has competitive monthly interest rates with 1-12 months tenure. Besides that, they can process the loan within 48 hours upon request.

  1. Overdraft

This is a working capital support with competitive interest rates. Specially designed for accounts with good credit turnovers and tenure of 1-12 months.

  1. Asetenapa Account (Personal & Business)

This account accepts a minimum contribution of GH₵5 for individuals and GH₵10 for businesses. It also comes with unlimited withdrawals per month. Besides that, it attracts competitive monthly interest rates. It also has an optional use of a passbook.

  1. Call Account

Sweeping account for corporate businesses/SME. Very competitive interest rates.

  1. Save Account

This account has an initial deposit of GH₵10 with competitive interest rates on account balances. They also calculate its monthly interest payment daily. It has unlimited withdrawals per month.

And optional access to SMS alert, E-banking and ATM services.

  1. Kiddie Save

They offer savings accounts for children with complimentary benefits for insurance against death of parents. It has an initial deposit of GH₵20 with a competitive interest rate on account balances, which they calculate daily. 

They target these savings towards the future of the child with one withdrawal per month. It comes with an insurance premium of 1% per month on account balance. And also has optional access to SMS alert, E-banking and ATM card.

  1. Personal Easy Save

This product has a one year investment tenure which is open to individuals. It has a minimum competitive interest for deposits between GH₵1,000 to GH₵4,999. And it is highly competitive for GH₵5,000 and above.

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Moreso, there is an option to roll over the investment at maturity, which allows monthly contributions into investment. It equally helps to save towards specific projects as the investment must get to its full term of one (1) year. However, you can use investment to secure loans in ABii.

  1. Work And Pay

With this product, you can access new vehicles for commercial purposes. You’ll have a 20% initial deposit for it with competitive monthly interest rates. It has a tenure of 1-36 months and they can process the loan within 48 hours of request.

  1. CAGD Loan

They designed this product for government employees on the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) Payroll. It has a maximum repayment period of 48 months with a competitive interest rate. Besides that, it also has same day disbursement.

What are the contact details of ABii National

For more enquiries on their products or any other issues, you can contact them through:

  1. ABii National Head Office Address: Adjacent Dan’s bar opposite Samsung office, Adabraka.
  1. P. O. Box CT 10067, Cantonments, Accra.
  1. Telephone number: 233 302-241050 or their Hotline: 233 577-709-000.


The current economic situation world over makes individuals and businesses face financial needs more often. And taking a loan or any other form of debt in order to keep their businesses up and running makes much sense. Especially when you pick a loan offer from the ones ABii National Savings And Loans offer Ghanaians. However, prompt repayment of any loan you get is paramount. This is because late repayment of loans will affect your credit score. Therefore, try as much as possible to improve your credit score. Besides that, your poor credit record from credit bureaus could make lenders deny you a loan in the future.