Loan Apps Without CRB in Kenya- All You Need to Know

CRB is an acronym for Credit Reference Bureau. The Credit bureau maintains the credit profiles of people so that lenders can check them when considering a loan application.

In Kenya, Loan Apps Without CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) gives borrowers credit without them going through the credit history checks from CRB. These apps provide quick solutions to individuals facing financial challenges due to bad credit records.

You can access this loan through a mobile app and the criteria include your transaction history, employment status, national ID and other data. These apps offer a pathway to credit without stringent CRB checks.

So the good news is that not every lender chooses to check your details on CRB before granting a loan.

In this article, we examine some loan apps that do not check CRB status during loan approval

11 Loan apps Without CRB Check

11 loan apps in Kenya that do not check CRB status, include:

1. Okash

OneSpot Technology Investment Ltd. provides an app called Okash for loan applications. Borrowers must meet the eligibility criteria which are outlined in the Okash loan app.

OKash loans are available to anyone between 21-55 years of age, with a fixed income and a cellphone number. The interest rate on Okash loans ranges from 14% – 16% at 91 to 92 days of repayment. The loan limits range from Ksh. 2,500 to Ksh. 50,000. 

Due to their interest rates being deducted before disbursement, borrowers usually end up with less than they had originally applied for. 

2. Opesa

TK Limited provides the Opesa loan app. Opesa decides whether a loan needs to be approved based on a borrower’s phone data – e.g. handset details. They also consider MPESA/Mshwari finance transactions, and why they want the loan.

The interest rates on Opesa loans vary from 14% to 16%, with a repayment duration of  91 or 92 days. Opesa is another online loan app that deducts interest in advance

3. M-Fanisi

Maisha Microfinance Bank offers the M-Fanisi loan service. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have an active M-PESA account transaction record.

M-Fanisi loans range from Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 25,000 at a 10% interest rate repayable within 30 days. The M-Fanisi loan USSD code is *281# for Safaricom subscribers or *222# for Airtel subscribers.

4. Tala

Tala Mobile is the developer of the Tala loan app. They typically approve loans based on the phone data of customers, such as the financial transactions from M-PESA as well as the answers provided while applying.

The interest rate on Tala loans varies between 5% to 15% depending on the repayment period of 21 or 30 days. The loans range from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 30,000. Tala loans can be accessed by downloading the Tala loan app from the Google Play store.

5. Mokash

Mocash offers a loan product called Mokash. They offer loans of between Ksh. 1,000 to Ksh. 30,000 for a duration of 8 days. The Mokash loan app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

6. Branch

Branch loan app can provide you loans ranging from KES 250 to KES 70,000 without CRB check. 

You can apply 24/7 despite your needs. As you apply and repay, your loan limit goes up. Also know that the interest rate can be as high as 17% to 30%.

7. Timiza

Timiza is one of the easiest and convenient loan apps in Kenya without CRB. They are popular and many borrowers have successfully collected loans from them seamlessly.

8. Shika

If you need a genuine, easy and convenient loan app, choose Shika. You can get up to Ksh. 70,000 with a 7.29 interest rate. This app stands out as one of the trusted apps in Kenya.

9. Mshwari loans

Mshwari started in 2014 and offers its leading services through M-Pesa , in partnership with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). Customers can apply for loans of Ksh 100 to an unknown highest limit. It has a repayment duration of one month with an interest rate of 7.5%. 

Conclusively, Mshwari requires you to become a Safaricom subscriber and have a registered M-Pesa line to qualify. 

10. KCB M-Pesa

This loan app has built a name in Kenya. It offers quick loans and gives a minimum of Ksh 500 and a maximum of Ksh 1,000,000 to its customers. 

KCB M-Pesa was born from the partnership between M-Pesa and Kenya commercial bank. However, for one to qualify, you need to be an active Safaricom M-Pesa customer.

11. Saida loan

To qualify for a Saida loan, customers need an active M-Pesa/Airtel money account. Once you install the app on your phone and you apply for a loan, the app reads and tracks all your call activities. They also track all your transactions to know if you can pay back the loan.

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Other mobile loan apps without CRB checks include:

  • Tunzi Loan app (formerly Utunzi loan app)
  • Fadhili Loan app
  • Usawa Loan app
  • Kano Loan App
  • Upazi loan app
  • Dolax loan app
  • Craft loan app
  • Utajiri loan app.

Some extra fees for loan apps without CRB check

  1. Registration fees
  2. Appraisal fees or processing fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any loan apps for blacklisted people?

Recently in Kenya, there are loan apps for blacklisted people but they ask for registration fees before giving you any loan. If you are comfortable with paying a registration fee to a loan app before collecting the loan, then check out these loan apps in Kenya.

However, you need also to know that you can pay this registration fee and still not collect the loan. Also, most of them give a loan that is less than the registration fee you paid or just slightly higher than it.

We are not recommending this application but you can try them out. So it is best you build your credit and apply for a loan. 

Some of these loan apps are:

  • Opesa loan app
  • Ubapesa loan app
  • Lion Cash loan app
  • Kuwazo loan app
  • CashNow loan app
  • Pesa pats loan app
  • Aspira loan app
  • Pezesha loan app

Can loan apps put you on CRB?

Loan apps can’t directly put your name on the CRB list but they can forward your name to the CRBs operating in Kenya under regulation and the CRB will now directly blacklist your name after going through the due process.

These loan apps usually give defaulters a grace period of 30 days’ notice before forwarding their name.


Normally, a borrower will be screened by a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB), as they interact with various lenders before a lending decision is made.

This is a criterion for loan disbursement. In spite of this, some lenders do not use this information. They only access the information provided by the borrower and the data accumulated on the phone. 

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