TymeBank Credit Card

Sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs and when this happens, you need financial assistance from a company that understands your situation. Tymebank credit card is an innovative loan system that provides easy credit to South Africans.

Tyme bank offers different credit options in South Africa because of the diversity of people there. Customers can choose the option most suitable to them. Whether you need a quick loan, revolving loan, or a  student loan, they have the solution for you. If you’re thinking of approaching Tyme bank for a personal loan, then this article will give you the best guide on the process.

About TymeBank Credit Card

TymeBank Credit Card

According to the poll, age, rather than wealth, has the greatest impact on purchase and repayment behavior. For example, the vast majority of respondents in the 50+ age range (71%) use their card for convenience. The 42 percent of the other percent pay off their cards on a monthly basis, regardless of their financial situation.

This wise behavior demonstrates the value of experience, as well as maybe some hard-learned lessons about the significance of paying off credit card debt as quickly as feasible.

Only 22% of respondents are disciplined enough to pay off their cards in full each month. Just under a third (31%) of respondents pay as much as they can each month. The 30% on the pay the minimum needed. Sixteen percent said they pay the same amount each month, regardless of the amount owed.

Earning more money has little impact on repayment behavior; just 29% of individuals with a household income (HHI) of R30k or more pay off their cards in full each month.

What we buy with our credit cards

According to the poll, the majority of respondents (63%), use credit cards for large purchases like appliances, furniture, and renovations. The 46% of the pay is for special events like weddings, birthdays, and funerals using cash.

Forty one percent use their cards to pay for holidays and to travel, although this is far more likely among those earning over R30k (65%) and those older than 50 (52%).

Just undeHow Generation Z uses their credit cards

The poll uncovered some fascinating details about the purchase habits of cardholders aged 18 to 24. The popularity of online shopping among the younger generation is certainly a contributing factor, since card ownership among survey respondents in the 18-24 age range is unexpectedly high at 46 percent.

The vast majority of people (70 percent) say they’re more likely to use their card to manage their money and monthly transactions than to use it to get credit (21 percent ). This contrasts well with the total group, where 32 percent indicate they require credit.

When it comes to purchasing, people prefer to use their cards to pay for entertainment (37 percent), while 81 percent prioritize apparel. Almost a quarter of respondents (24%) say they use their cards for the majority of their transactions, including anything from big-ticket goods to apparel and pleasures like meals and beverages.

What we look for in a TymeBank Credit card

Low costs are the most significant attribute for 77 percent of the sample when choosing a credit card, while 61 percent search for a decent loyalty program. For 60 percent of respondents, competitive interest rates are the most important factor, followed by extra perks at 56 percent. Surprisingly, 16 percent stated the card’s appearance influenced them, while 6 percent said they valued the prestige that comes with possessing a credit card.

There are certain advantages to owning a credit card. Whether it’s for online payments or in-store purchases, as long as it is used wisely. It’s a safe, easy way to pay that may help you save money and improve your lifestyle. Cardholders may improve their credit ratings by making on-time and complete payments. This may help them get lower interest rates on other types of borrowing.


However, owing to the current economic climate, not everyone is able to pay off their credit card on a monthly basis. This is why it is critical to consider carefully before using your credit card. Use it for unexpected expenses, large purchases, and special events. To better manage your payments. do not accrue interest if paid on time and in full,”

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