MTN Xtratime in Ghana- How it works

MTN Xtratime in Ghana

With MTN Xtratime, subscribers can borrow airtime when they run out of call cards and pay back later. This service helps many users, especially when their credit runs out at odd times and they cannot recharge. In this article, I will discuss how you can borrow airtime from MTN in Ghana with no stress. Also, you will discover the eligibility, requirements, and uses of MTN Xtratime.

About MTN airtime service (MTN Xtratime)

MTN Xtratime is a loaning service that MTN customers can pay back later. The minimum monthly spending requirement for this service is ₵200 for 3 months. You can use it if you qualify and request the credit. Whenever your credit runs out, you can always ask for the maximum amount you qualify for and pay it back later.

If you run low on airtime and can’t buy a recharge card, MTN Xtratime saves you time when you have an urgent call to make. Usually, it could be after midnight, during a meeting, or in a tight space. All you have to do is dial the USSD code and borrow the maximum amount of credit you have access to.

What are the requirements for MTN Xtratime?

Prior to borrowing that airtime from MTN Nigeria, here are a few recommendations you should consider:

  1. You must have an active MTN SIM card.
  2. Also, you must register for your SIM.
  3. An active member of the network must have twelve (12) months’ experience.
  4. Your eligibility for this offer is contingent on your frequency of recharging for three (3) months.
  5. To request extra airtime, you need to recharge between ₵0 and ₵75 every month.
  6. Ensure that you do not owe any money to the service. Unless you pay down your existing or previous Xtratime debt, you cannot borrow twice.
  7. A service fee of 10% will apply to each transaction.
  8. If you recharge your line, MTN will debit the amount of airtime you borrowed.

Note: only prepaid customers have access to this offer. 

What is the best way for me to check my eligibility for the MTN Xtratime?

You can check if you are eligible for MTN to borrow me credit known as XtraTime service by;

  1. Using *606#, clicking ‘My Account’, then selecting ‘1’ to see eligibility.
  2. By sending STATUS to 606, you will receive a status notification.
  3. You can confirm your eligibility by dialing 606 and being guided by the voice prompt.

How to borrow airtime from MTN

The following steps will guide you on the easiest way to borrow airtime from MTN in Ghana.

  1. Dial *606#, pop-up menus should appear.
  2. MTN airtime borrowing instructions
  3. Then select Xtratime.
  4. You can select how much airtime you want to borrow.
  5. MTN will send you an instant message following your selection of airtime. However, this message confirms acceptance of the 10% service fee.
  6. You will receive your Xtratime request after confirming the fee. Also, MTN will deduct 10% of the borrowed credit from your account.

What is the alternative code to borrow airtime from MTN?

You can either use the USSD code *123# or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

For USSD code *123#,

  1. Use your phone dialer to dial *123#.
  2. MTN airtime borrowing instructions will appear.
  3. To access the Xtratime menu, press 6.
  4. From the list, select Xtratime.
  5. Please select the airtime amount you prefer.
  6. Confirm the message you received from MTN.
  7. They will disburse your airtime request right away.
  8. 10% service fee also applies for this offer.

For Interactive Voice Response (IVR),

This is simply another way for MTN customers to borrow airtime. However, it’s like speaking to an MTN customer service representative. But this time you’ll get an automated response to your queries. Hence, they will direct you to a customer care agent to attend to your request.

  1. It is as simple as dialing 606 and waiting for it to process.
  2. Using MTN to borrow airtime.
  3. Choose the language you prefer by following the instructions.
  4. Click on XtraTime to hear the speaking voice telling you the amount you can borrow.
  5. You can select the amount you prefer by entering the required number.
  6. Upon acceptance of the service fee of 10%, the system will request confirmation.
  7. MTN will notify you they credit your account with MTN Xtratime after successful confirmation.

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Are there extra fees for MTN Xtratime?

Whenever you borrow airtime from MTN Ghana, the company deducts a service fee of 10%. Therefore, you would receive only 90 percent of the amount you requested. If you borrow ₵500, for instance, you will get ₵450 instead of ₵500 because MTN takes ₵50. At certain times, like during the Covid lockdown, they usually loosen up the percentage borrowed.  

How to check your Xtratime balance

To check your remaining Xtratime balance:

  1. You can access the Xtratime menu by dialing *606#.
  2. Select the “Check Xtratime Balance” option.
  3. If you require a result, reply to its relevant code.
  4. They will display the remaining balance of your airtime in a message.

Uses of MTN extra time

You can use MTN Xtratime airtime for any of the following activities:

  1. Voice calls
  2. MMS
  3. MTN Play
  4. Prepaid Data Bundles
  5. SMS
  6. MTN backup
  7. Premium rated services
  8. BlackBerry from MTN
  9. MTN Caller Tunez


It takes only minutes to borrow airtime from MTN in Ghana. Therefore, this excellent service ensures that you’re never left without airtime when you most need it. Always make sure you are eligible for MTN Xtratime before requesting a loan. Also, ensure you only choose the amount you can easily payback on your next recharge.

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