MTN Ahomka Loan Ghana – What You Should Know

MTN Ahomka Loan Ghana

MTN Mobile Money offers the MTN Ahomka loan, a new MoMo loan product. In tough financial situations, a mobile money loan is useful. So, this Mobile Money loan is a continuation of earlier loans of a similar nature that the telecommunications network has provided. There are already a lot of mobile money loans available in Ghana, and even though they didn’t state it officially. Now, this article will provide you with all the details regarding the MTN Ahomka loan, including how to apply the terms and conditions, and much more.

Ahomka loan has remarkable qualities of its own while being comparable to MTN Qwik loan in several ways. 

About MTN Ahomka Loan

The word “Ahomka,” which means “Emotions” or “Feelings,” may be MTN Ghana’s response to the predicament of the many Ghanaians who are experiencing financial hardship. You may complete the short loan application in about a minute. Selected MTN customers experiencing financial difficulties and requiring fast financial assistance are offered loans through this loan program. All you need is an active MTN MoMo account; neither savings nor documents are required.

Requirements for MTN Ahomka Loan

You need to meet some requirements to land the MTN Ahomka Loan. They include:

  • You must be 18 years old or more.
  • Be a subscriber to MTN Ghana for over 90 days.
  • You should actively utilize the Wallet for transactions, such as sending and receiving money, buying airtime, and paying bills, among other things, and be registered for the MTN Mobile Money Service.
  • You might not be eligible for the MTN Ahomka Loan if your MTN Mobile Money wallet activity is too low or if you haven’t used the wallet at all.

How to Qualify for MTN Ahomka Loan

You must consistently top off your talk time balance and conduct transactions using your MoMo account in order to be eligible for a loan.

How to borrow money on Ahomka Loan?

You can follow the steps below to get the Ahomka Loan:

  • Just dial *170#
  • Choose option 5 (Financial services)
  • Choose option 3 (Loans)
  • Select option 3 (Ahomka Loan)
  • Choose option 1 (Get a loan)
  • Select your Mobile Money PIN and tap enter
  • Enter option one, “View offers”
  • Select the option for the amount you prefer. You can choose from GH₵50 to GH₵1,000.
  • Select option 1 to confirm your repayment plan.
  • Await the transfer of your loan to your mobile money wallet.
  • They will approve not approve every applicant for the loan. Additionally, MTN Ghana frequently gives larger sums to customers that utilize their Mobile Money frequently. They also permit a sizeable sum to remain unaccounted for a while in their pockets..

Note: Not everyone who applies for the loan will receive it. Additionally, MTN Ghana frequently gives larger sums to customers who use their Mobile Money frequently and permits a sizeable sum to sit in their wallets for an extended period.

What is the Interest Rate of MTN Ahomka Loan?

MTN Ahomka loan has an interest rate of 6.9%, increasing to 12.5% when you default. The maximum amount you can receive via the loan is GH₵1,000.

Keep in mind that they will show you any expenses associated with the loan during the application procedure, so keep an eye out for that.

What is the Maximum and Minimum Amount of the MTN Ahomka Loan?

Knowing the loan amount you can get from any lender will help you know if they can meet your needs. However, the maximum loan amount of MTN Ahomka Loan is GH₵1,000. While the minimum loan amount is GH₵50.

Terms and Conditions

If you’re interested in this loan, read the terms and conditions in their entirety on the MTN website. However, you will incur a late payment fee, as stated when you applied for the loan, if you don’t pay your loan balance by the deadline.


The MTN Ahomka Loan has come to stay just like MTN Qwik Loan and other loan products MTN offer their customers. Besides that, there are other Momo Loan you could look out for in Ghana. Or better still, check out other loan offers from network providers in Ghana.

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