Izwe Loans Review – Everything you should know


Izwe loans are some of the loan offers you could try out when you need money to meet your personal commitment or financial needs. Some of these needs could be to have enough funds to support your studies as a student. Besides that, getting funds to start a business and so many other needs is what you could be facing. The repayment terms of loans, however, decide when you should repay the loan. Therefore, it is essential to know the full details of your loan repayment terms. The requirements for Izwe loans, how to apply and more information are all-inclusive in this review.

About Izwe Loans

Izwe is a savings and loans company with the license of the Bank of Ghana (BOG). It strictly adheres to the regulations of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Also, it plays by the rules of the National. They incorporated it in October 2010 and started serving customers in July 2011.

Izwe loans’ branches are in various cities in Ghana, namely: Accra, Cape Coast, Ho, Koforidua, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Suame and Sunyani.

Furthermore, Izwe is an appendage of the Izwe Africa Group, an international group that provides financial solutions. Izwe operates in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia with the group’s headquarters in Mauritius. Izwe as a financial institution, offers loans to civil servants, businesses (SMEs) and individuals in Ghana.  When you need financial support, try out an Izwe loan. 

What are the requirements for Izwe loans?

Just like every other loan from different financial institutions, there are always requirements you have to meet.

The following are the requirements expected of you when sourcing a loan from Izwe:

  1. Your government employee number
  2. Two original passport photographs
  3. Your most recent pay slip
  4. A valid National Identification number
  5. Proof of banking details/bank statement
  6. A minimum deposit into your account of GHC 50
  7. Your residential address

What is the Izwe loans maximum loan amount?

The availability of the loan amount you need is really important. It is good to know whether you can get that loan amount you need. However, the maximum loan amount for Izwe loan is GHC40,000.

How can I apply for Izwe Loans?

Having met the requirements for Izwe loans, the next question that comes in mind is how do I apply? Izwe loans are very easy to apply, as it involves a few steps.

You can request to apply for Izwe loan through:

  1. You can visit any Izwe branch to apply for the loan. The company has many branches in Ghana.
  2. Contact the call centre and lodge your interest for the loan.
  3. Agent network of the company can also help to get the loan.
  4. Visit their website with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer to apply for the loan.
  5. When you must have done any of the above, you will receive an offer within minutes based on your affordability.
  6. Sign the agreement and submit your supporting document.
  7. Then get your loan.

What is the Izwe loans minimum or maximum loan amount of interest rate?

Before getting a loan, it is very important to know what the interest rates are. This will help you know whether you can cope with the loan repayment.

Izwe loans interest rate varies regarding loans you are eligible to get. However, the minimum Izwe loans interest is 15%. While the maximum interest rate is 24%.

Are there additional fees on Izwe loans?

After knowing the interest rates, knowledge of additional fees is also essential. For Izwe loans, there are no additional fees. 

How fast are the Izwe loans released?

An urgent need for a loan should make us want to get the loan as fast as possible. The application for Izwe loan is processed in under 30 minutes. While the successful payouts are in less than 72 hours. The money only takes time when you did not get an approval and they require you to come to one branch to complete your documentation process before they disburse the money into your account.

How do I pay back Izwe loans?

Getting a loan is good, but everything becomes better when you’re able to pay back the loan. The easiest way to pay back the Izwe loan is by devising a personal repayment strategy even before getting the loan. This will enable you to clear the loan even before the due date. 

Few steps for repayment of Izwe loan:

  1. Make sure there is a sufficient balance in your account on the due date.
  2. They will automatically deduct your monthly installment from your account according to your contract.

What are the repayment terms?

Izwe loans have a repayment term calculator that enables you to know and identify the best monthly repayment option. You can repay Izwe loans by monthly installment terms, which can be up to 18 months.

Three steps for Izwe Repayment term calculator

  1. Choose your amount
  2. Enter your term
  3. Click the ‘calculate’ Repayment button.

The result will pop up for your repayment terms.

How do I check my IZWE loan balance?

Having gotten the loan you need from Izwe and you also want to keep tabs on your loan balance. In order to inquire about the outstanding balance of your loan or savings account. You can visit the Izwe branch or contact them at +254 (0) 709 530 000.

Do I need an Izwe App on my phone for easy online Izwe loan application and processing?

Mostly, you might not have the time to visit the Izwe office for a loan application. They have made the loan application easy, faster and convenient. You can always apply for Izwe loans with your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer, to save you the stress which makes it one of the mobile money loans in Ghana.

The following steps will guide you on how to get the Izwe App:

  1. Download Izwe App for an android phone on Izwe website
  2. Install the app

For you to use the App to apply for Izwe loan:

  1. Open the app on your phone
  2. Select lender’s products
  3. Fill in the required field correctly
  4. Accept the terms and condition
  5. Click submit

Once you submit, they direct you to a consultant who gets in touch with you, once they approve you.

Why should I choose Izwe?

There are benefits in using Izwe loans that make it different from other loans in Ghana. Besides that, these benefits have over the years kept its customers. 

These benefits include:

  1. Easy online application process
  2. No paperwork involved
  3. Fast approval

Izwe loans contact details

There may be some further clarifications you would want. In order to do that, you can visit any of their branches or SMS Izwe to +233 (0) 507 732 5666 for a callback. Or you can contact them on +233 (0) 302 208 222 and they’ll call you back.

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In the time of financial difficulty, getting a loan from a financial institution or a credit union could make sense. Izwe loans make it simple to get financial help within 30 minutes of application for the loan. Besides that, they offer an easy savings and investment strategy to grow your money. With the need for quick loans, it would be cool to consider Izwe loans.

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