How to get a loan from Fidelity Bank Ghana


You might think of how to get a loan from Fidelity Bank Ghana. It’s cool to know that it is not as difficult as you might have thought. Fidelity Bank offers a wide variety of options for customers to make their visions and expectations a reality. Basically, there is something for everyone, from entrepreneurs to salaried workers to retirees. Loans have become a popular alternative in recent years, particularly when attempting to invest or simply keep up with obligations. Therefore, for whatever reason it is, Fidelity Bank loans surely have you covered.

About Fidelity Bank Ghana

In 2006, they founded Fidelity Bank Ghana. They previously knew it as Fidelity Discount House. They changed it from a discount house to a full bank after eight years of operation as a discount house.

Ghanaian individuals, other institutional investors, and senior executives control Fidelity Bank. The bank’s specialized deposit-taking institution Act of 2016 governs its operations (Act 930). They also have a license to conduct universal banking in Ghana.

What are the loan products of Fidelity Bank?

Customers can choose from a variety of products and services Fidelity Bank offers.

Personal banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, and financial inclusion are the four key product categories.

The following are their product:

The following are the services Fidelity Personal Banking offer:

  1. Opening and maintaining a current account or savings account.
  2. Taking out loans.
  3. Investment services.
  4. Other services like money transfer or remittances.

Types of Current and Savings Account Fidelity Bank offers

Fidelity Bank offers four types of current accounts. They include:

  1. Fidelity 24/7 Current Account
  2. Royal Current Account
  3. Paycheck Plus Account
  4. Non-Resident Ghanaian Account

Now, let’s dive into a brief explanation of these current accounts.

1. Fidelity 24/7 Current Account

There is no minimum balance requirement for this account. You can withdraw or transfer the entire balance of the account without closing it.

You’ll get a checkbook and a VISA card when you open the account, as well as access to internet banking and mobile banking.

2. Royal Current Account

This is for consumers with a high net worth. The “Big Boys” and “Big Girls” are best described in this way. Owners of this type of current account will earn interest if they keep their account balance above a specified level.

You will also receive a checkbook and a visa card when you open this account. Internet banking and mobile banking are also available for this account.

3. Paycheck Plus Account

They created this offer for salaried individuals. You can fully use this account to its best as a salary account. Besides that, they typically designed it for employees opened by a corporation. These accounts provide quick insurance coverage for accidents, death, disability, job loss, and hospitalization caused by an accident.

4. Non-Resident Ghanaian Account

Fidelity Bank allows Ghanaians working abroad to save from anywhere in the world. Ghanaians living outside the country can invest in the country by opening an account. As a result, no monthly service charges are applied to the account.

Fidelity Bank Fixed Deposit

The fidelity bank fixed deposit product is also an investment account that offers competitive interest rates, allowing customers to maximize their profits on any amount invested. On all the different fixed deposit products, the interest rates are fairly adjustable.

Fixed deposits are available for periods ranging from 30 to 365 days. This year’s fixed deposit interest rates at Fidelity Bank range from 5.50% to 15.50%

This is a one-month to one-year time period. Fidelity Bank offers you a credit facility against your fixed deposit account if you choose not to stop your investment before it matures.

How To Get A Loan From Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank provides low-interest personal and home loans to its customers. To check out the terms and conditions, you may need to go to the loan part of their websites. Fidelity banks might provide you with a personal loan that you must repay within four years. Employee Salary Backed Loans and Employee Scheme Loans are the two forms of personal loans available.

They also provide 20-year mortgage loans, which can be paid in Ghana Cedis or US Dollars. Home Purchase Mortgage, Home Improvement Mortgage, Home Equity Mortgage, and Home Completion Mortgage are types of mortgage loans they provide.

What are the requirements for Fidelity Mortgage?

These are the requirements for applying for a Fidelity Mortgage:

  1. Fully completed application for
  2. Employer certification of income form
  3. For non-resident, power of attorney
  4. Passport pictures
  5. Insurance
  6. Your personal reference form

The sort of loan you wish to take out determines the conditions and method for taking out a bank loan. However, for complete instructions on how to borrow money from the bank, you may need to contact customer service.

You can, however, take advantage of Fidelity Bank’s quick lending service by depositing your funds with the bank and receiving a loan within 24 hours. The loan has a ten percent yearly interest rate that will be waived if you repay it within twelve months.

What are other Fidelity Bank Ghana Products?

With your Fidelity bank account, you can receive money from anywhere in the world. You may do it using Xpress Money, Vigo, Ria, UnityLink, Transfast, MoneyGram, and Western Union, among other big money transfer companies. Aside from that, the bank provides electronic banking services through ATMs, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking. You may access these with your VISA card.

How can I get the Swift Code of Fidelity Bank Ghana?

You can get the bank’s Swift Code by contacting their customer service department or filling out their online contact form. Fidelity Bank’s Swift Code is FBLIGHACXXX, with “XXX” signifying the branch code. It’s possible that you won’t even need the branch code to send or receive money.

Does Fidelity Bank protect its customers?

Fidelity Bank established the Financial Crime Unit to investigate any criminal cases that may arise. Individuals and groups inside and outside the bank who commit any type of crime against the bank will be exposed because of this.

They control the crime through transaction monitoring, fraud risk assessment, and personnel awareness training. Because of this, the Fidelity Bank crime unit has earned a reputation as one of Ghana’s most respected anti-crime units.

What are the contact details of Fidelity Bank Ghana?

To contact the bank’s customer service for more enquiries on their loan or other products. You can do that through:

  1. Head office address: 1st to 4th Floor, Ridge Towers, Ambassadorial Enclave, Ridge, Accra, Ghana.
  2. Phone number: +233302214490
  3. WhatsApp number +233577735745

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As you have seen, the above details on how to get a loan from Fidelity Bank Ghana and more. It is now left for you to decide whether to access the funds they offer their customers. Besides that, you can tap-in from other products they offer you could actually benefit from. However, there are other loan alternatives you could get, especially loans from credit unions.

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