Tyme Bank Loan; All there’s is to know

Sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs and when this happens, you need financial assistance from a company that understands your situation. Tyme bank loan is an innovative loan provider that provides easy credit to South Africans.

Tyme bank offers different credit options in South Africa because of the diversity of people there. Customers can choose the option most suitable to them. Whether you need a quick loan, revolving loan, or a  student loan, they have the solution for you. If you’re thinking of approaching Tyme bank for a personal loan, then this article will give you the best guide on the process.

About Tyme Bank Loan

Tyme Bank loan

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing digital banking groups, building high-tech high-touch banks in fast-growing, emerging markets. The first fully digital bank in South Africa, TymeBank was started in 2015 by billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Capital Investments. In South Africa, unbanked consumers comprise the majority of the bank’s clientele. 

The company has acquired over 4 million customers, onboarded over 68 000 small businesses, and continues to grow at a rate of over 8,000 new customers each day as of September 2021.

How does Tyme Bank work

A branchless bank with headquarters in Rosebank, Johannesburg, TymeBank relies on a mobile banking app, an online banking site, and partnerships with two retail chains, Pick n Pay and Boxer, to host self-service kiosks at retail stores across the country for account opening.

Having opened its first account in 2018, the company now has over 4 million clients. It aims to give 11 million unbanked South Africans access to bank accounts through rapid expansion.

Tyme Bank personal loan

Our data-rich systems enable Tyme Bank to make insightful decisions based on an individual’s application. A digital loan application only takes three to five minutes to complete and can be submitted via the Internet, Mobile App, or TymeKiosk.

How to apply fo Tyme bank loan

There are several ways to apply for Tyme Bank Personal Loan:

  1. On Tyme Bank website
  2. At a TymeKiosks
  3. Mobile App
  4. Tyme Bank Internet Banking

Does Tyme offer credit

The bank offers consumers a consumer credit product called “MoreTime” that lets them pay half of the product’s price upfront. The remainder is rolled over 30 or 60 days without incurring interest.15

Internet Banking

Tyme Bank claims that opening an account with a traditional bank can be a complicated process while opening an account with Tyme Bank takes just five minutes. Well, I decided to test this out and open a new account to see if I would be able to open one within 5 minutes or so.

In fact, I opened my account in just 4:08 minutes. I found the process to be fast and easy, with a user-friendly system that did not require complicated terms. However, this does not include reading through the terms and conditions of Tyme bank.


Developing and providing a solution for financial emergencies is one of the sole aims of Standard bank. Whether it’s to help you secure a mortgage, walk down the aisle or go on holiday. Tyme bank offers the right credit solution for your every need.

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