Vodafone Cash Loan in Ghana – How to apply and what you should know


Getting a loan today is easier because most of the information you need on getting a loan can be accessed online. Access to instant mobile loans in Ghana is easier because of mobile money services in Ghana. With your phone handy, you can access loans at the point of financial need without undergoing stress. Vodafone customers in Ghana can now access this quick loan service. We will look at the meaning of Vodafone cash and how you can apply for it in this article.

What is Vodafone cash loan?

Vodafone cash is a mobile money loan in Ghana you can access with your phone. It is a fast, secure channel which allows you to use your smartphone or mobile phone to transfer money. Also, have access to cash and to make payments.

Requirements for Vodafone cash

You need to meet the following criteria to apply for Vodafone cash loan.

  1. You need a valid Vodafone sim that is registered
  2. FIDO loan App from google play store
  3. Register your details correctly on the FIDO App
  4. Vodafone cash number

How to apply for Vodafone cash in Ghana

When in need of an instant loan in Ghana, you can always count on Vodafone cash loan in Ghana. Use the guide below to apply:

  1. Download the FIDO loan App from google play store
  2. Register your details correctly on the FIDO App
  3. Enter the Vodafone cash number on the app that you wish to receive the loan into.
  4. They will send a text to your phone to confirm your application.
  5. After processing, they will send the amount you requested into your Vodafone cash wallet.

Note: Vodafone Ghana provides a direct loan service via Vodafone Cash, but you can use the process above to gain a loan into your Vodafone wallet.

Vodafone cash code

The USSD code for Vodafone cash mobile money loan in Ghana is *110# .

Pay Small Small on Vodafone cash

This is a new convenient payment service in Ghana from Vodafone Cash. Hence, allowing you to get products and services from Vodafone partners registered in Ghana by paying on instalments. 

Pros of Pay Small Small on Vodafone cash loan in Ghana

There are many benefits from Vodafone cash loans in Ghana. You stand to gain:

  1. No need to borrow and buy as you can buy directly from your Vodafone wallet
  2. Flexible and convenient payment options
  3. Inflation or foreign exchange does not affect prices and borrowing
  4. You have access to quality brands

How to sign up on Pay Small Small?

Are you cashless and you need to buy some things using Vodafone Pay Small Small? You can always access this service by signing up with the guide below:

  1. Visit the registered partner shop to identify the item you want to purchase
  2. Get the Pay Small Small code of the item you want to buy
  3. Make Payments using *110#
  4. Select Pay Small Small and subscribe
  5. Upon completion of payment, give your pickup code to the partner

Note: you can only have access to products and services upon completion of payment.

How to load money on Vodafone cash wallet

Visit any Vodafone shop near you or any mobile money agent. You will then give your phone number and the amount of money you want to deposit to the agent. They will help you fund your wallet. Afterwards, you will receive an SMS showing that they have credited your wallet with the same amount. 

Can I have access to my bank account using Vodafone cash?

You can always transfer from your Vodafone account to your bank account.


Vodafone cash in Ghana is one of the best convenient instant loans in Ghana that you can use for various purposes. The company won prestigious awards for continuously setting landmarks. We know them for excellence in the areas of loan services, product innovation, industry, customer experience. Also, community interventions and in deploying mobile technology for social and economic good. During the period of cashless, you can try borrowing with Vodafone cash in Ghana.

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