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Borrowing money these days is no longer a big deal. You can just borrow any amount of money you need from a lender through your mobile phone. Gone are the days you’d have to visit traditional banks before you can access loans. Besides that, the terribly long queues and disappointments are now things of the past. So there are money lending apps that offer you loan options. However, these loan options differ across lenders. But if you assess them, you’ll find the one that offers the best option that suits you. This article explains the meaning and some money lending apps in Ghana.

What is a money lending app?

Money lending apps are mobile tools that let you apply for a loan wherever you are. With this app in your mobile phone, you wouldn’t need to visit a bank for a loan application. Lenders who have the money lending apps usually make them available for download. Android users can download them from Google play store. Whereas iOS device users can download them on the App store. Most lenders let you apply and manage the loan on the mobile lending app. Whereas some lenders can only allow you to do that on their website.L

What are the money lending apps in Ghana?

In Ghana, these money lending apps will only give you access to the cash range. And this depends on the loan amount you need to start with.

The following are the money lending apps in Ghana:

1. KiaKia Loan App

KiaKia Loan app is one of the recent money lending apps in Ghana. It offers Ghanaians short-term loans which will help them cater for unforeseen expenses or urgent need of money.

With Kiakia you can apply for a loan 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This application involves a quick application process that will help you know your status within minutes. Besides that, the app offers loans without collateral and it is simple and fast.

2. Aella Credit Loan App

They introduced the Aella Credit Loan app for company employees who want to access cash anywhere at the most affordable rates. But overtime it has now become one of Ghana’s finest mobile money lending apps in Ghana.

Because of this, people can now turn to Aella Credit to seek fast loans to meet their emergency needs.

2. FairMoney Loan App

Fairmoney is one of the new easy money lending apps in Ghana. This app offers quick cash for the borrowers. And it comes as personal finance, vehicle maintenance, health emergencies, etc.

Fairmoney Loan app accepts loan applications in 5 minutes. And within that time, you can get an immediate reply with funds into your bank account. They also offer business loans to small business owners who want to expand their businesses.

3. Carbon Loan App

With few prompts alone, you can control your finances from the app. And you can send and receive money. Besides that, you can get short-term loans to solve your urgent needs. Also, you can invest money with the app to earn prime interest and pay for services.

Carbon Loan app lets you store money securely in your wallet. You wouldn’t have to pay any fee for that and they will pay you monthly interest. You can also get instant loans 24/7.

Carbon Loan app gives their customers a cashback when they repay on time. And they also give them loan top-ups. They do not allow late fees. You can make a free funds transfer to any Ghanaian bank account. When you invest with them, you can earn up to 16% interest. Besides that, you can pay your bills, recharge airtime or buy data for free.

4. Branch Loans App

In Ghana, the Branch Loan app is one of the best in money lending. It allows the borrowers to apply for credit on the go without collateral, and it also works 24/7.

They know it as one of the fastest loan apps in Ghana. Within seconds you can complete your loan application and get your loan directly into your bank account. The Branch Loan app is comfortable and reliable for its users.


Your creditworthiness is the overall criteria that determines whether you’ll get any type of loan from any platform. With the availability of various money lending apps in Ghana, don’t exploit these apps with many loan requests. This is because it could affect your credit score and could make you unable to access loans in the future. Besides that, ensure you repay any loan you get from the money lending apps on time. It will help you stay out of debt. However, it’s cool to stay away from debts, but it is also cool to meet your financial goals with debts. But this depends on your discipline to balance both. And ultimately get out of that debt in the end without affecting your credit score.

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