List of mortgage banks in Ghana


The list of mortgage banks in Ghana will guide you in selecting the bank that can offer you the mortgage loan you need. These banks are credible, with long-term experience in handling mortgage deals for customers. Mortgage banks in Ghana are making a name for themselves. Are you wondering what a mortgage is all about and where to get it? This post will provide you the answer as you read along.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan from a bank or other financial organization to assist the borrower in purchasing a home or house.

One thing to keep in mind concerning mortgage loans is that the collateral is the home or house to be purchased. They often make mortgage payments on a monthly basis. Principal, taxes, interest, and insurance are the four components.

Who is a mortgage lender?

A mortgage lender is a financial entity, or bank that provides and underwrites home loans. Mortgage lenders have their own set of criteria for determining a borrower’s creditworthiness and ability to repay a loan. They normally decide on the loan’s terms. They also detail the repayment plan, interest rate, and other important details of your loan.

You will see the list of financial institutions in Ghana where you can receive a mortgage loan by scrolling through the list. However, before deciding, you might seek the advice of a mortgage loan originator.

List of mortgage bank institutions and non-bank institutions in Ghana

They registered the following mortgage finance institutions with them in Ghana. The Bank of Ghana has also given them permission to operate.

Bank institutions that offer mortgage loan in Ghana

The following are banking institutions that offer mortgage loans in Ghana:

  1. First National Bank
  2. Republic Bank
  3. Stanbic Bank
  4. Fidelity Bank
  5. Societe Generale Ghana
  6. Omni Bank
  7. Bond Financial Services
  8. Dalex Financing
  9. GTB Bank
  10. Nwabiagya Rural bank
  11. All-time Capital limited
  12. Calbank
  13. Ghana Home loan bank
  14. Absa bank Ghana
  15. Zenith Bank Ghana
  16. DCI Microfinance limited
  17. Odotobri rural bank

Non-banking institutions that offer mortgage loan in Ghana

The following are non-banking institutions that offer mortgage loans in Ghana:

  1. Dalex finance leasing company
  2. Bond financial services
  3. Leasafric Ghana
  4. Bolkan capital
  5. Izwe savings and loan Ghana
  6. Omicron Estate services

Are there mortgages in Ghana?

Both people and businesses can use mortgages to purchase real estate. There are several banks and mortgage lenders in Ghana that offer home loans and mortgages.

What is the mortgage rate in Ghana?

Having seen the opportunity you can take from a mortgage deal from your preferred bank. And you’d want to know what the mortgage rate in Ghana is, actually. The mortgage rate in Ghana is 23%.

What does it mean to mortgage a house?

A mortgage is a loan a bank or other financial institution provides to assist a borrower in purchasing a home. So, if the borrower cannot make monthly payments to the lender and defaults on the loan. The home itself is the collateral for a mortgage. The lender can repay its investment by selling the house.


You can consult a mortgage loan originator before deciding on your preferred financial institution for your mortgage loan in Ghana. The inability of people to gain houses on their own income has led to the purchase of a mortgage loan. However, if people save to build or buy a home, it may take a long time to complete it. Because of this, mortgage banks and other financial entities that provide mortgage loans come to the rescue. The institutions listed above can lend money, invest in real estate, and take installment payments.

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