List of Commercial Banks in Ghana 2022- Everything you should know


This article contains a list of Commercial Banks in Ghana 2022. There are various competent banks in Ghana from which you can carry out your financial transactions. Besides that, in your financial downtimes, you can seek financial support as loans from these banks. And some of these loans could be guarantor loans, SME loans, or even a startup loan to start a business

In the rest of this article, you’ll see the list of commercial banks in Ghana 2022 and learn a lot more about them.

How many banks are in Ghana in 2022?

There are 28 private banks in Ghana’s banking and financial business. The Bank of Ghana is Ghana’s central monetary authority.

As of March 2020, Ghana had 23 commercial banks, four banks with merely representative offices, and one additional bank.

What is the biggest bank in Ghana?

With 14.2 percent of total industry deposits. They used to know GCB Bank Limited as Ghana Commercial Bank. It is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operating assets and share of industry deposits.

Which bank has the lowest loan interest rate in Ghana?

Among all the banks in Ghana, you could wonder if there are any of them that have the lowest interest rate. Your thought is not bad because GCB Bank Limited base rate is the lowest amongst banks in Ghana.

Which bank in Ghana is good for savings?

Several banks in Ghana are good for savings. However, determining which is best for you could depend on the criteria that are unique to you. Zenith Bank is one of Ghana’s top banks. Also, it does practically all of its business in the country, making it one of the safest places to put your money.

Is there a bank that gives the highest interest for agriculture in Ghana?

NIB and Republic Bank gave the highest interest rates for agriculture, at 34.8 percent and 33.5–34.2 percent, respectively. In the agriculture and industry sectors, NIB and CAL Bank supplied the most expensive loans at rates of 29.5–34.3 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

Which bank gives the highest interest based on fixed account comparison?

Every customer would prefer a bank that offers a higher interest rate than others. Capitec has the best interest-earning potential at 9.25% based on the fixed account comparison. Absa closely follows them with an interest rate of 9%. Nedbank’s rate of 8.16 percent, and FNB’s rate of 8.70%.

The List of Commercial Banks in Ghana 2022

The list of commercial banks in Ghana include:

  1. Absa Bank Ghana Limited
  2. Access Bank Ghana Plc
  3. Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana
  4. Bank of Africa Ghana Limited
  5. CalBank Limited
  6. Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited
  7. Ecobank (Ghana) Limited
  8. FBN Bank Ghana Limited
  9. Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
  10. First Atlantic Bank Limited
  11. First National Bank Ghana
  12. GCB Bank Limited
  13. Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited
  14. National Investment Bank Limited
  15. OmniBSIC Bank Ghana Limited
  16. Prudential Bank
  17. Republic Bank Ghana Limited
  18. Société Générale Ghana Limited
  19. Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited
  20. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited
  21. United Bank for Africa Ghana Limited
  22. Universal Merchant Bank Limited
  23. Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited.

Banks with Representative Offices Only

The following banks only have representative offices here in Ghana:

  1. Bank of Beirut
  2. Citibank N.A. Ghana
  3. Exim Bank of Korea
  4. Ghana International Bank Plc


You will have the idea or probably decide on the bank you could try out for yourself from the above list of commercial banks in Ghana and information about some of them. This list of banks in Ghana is a helpful guide on where to start. Because of this, you could benefit from the interest rate you have always wanted. Alternatively, you could try out Loans in Ghana without collateral and see which works best for you.

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