How to get a credit card in Ghana


Credit cards help customers to use funds more securely. Getting a credit card in Ghana helps to curb the chances of loss of cash and encourages cashless financial transactions. Large hotels and restaurants in Ghana accept payments with credit cards. You can also buy bitcoins with credit cards. Although the credit cards that are rampant in Ghana are Visa card, Mastercard and American Express. However, the use of credit cards in Ghana is still at an infant stage. Especially when you compare it to advanced countries.

Meaning of credit card, how you can get it, etc are all-inclusive in this article.

What is a Credit card?

A credit card is a short-term financing option that a commercial bank issues. This allows holders to borrow money at the automated teller machine (ATM). Besides that, they can pay for goods and services at a point of sale device using the credit card. The issuing bank of the credit card determines the limit a customer can borrow. However, before they issue the credit card, they assess the customer’s creditworthiness. 

Tips on how I can get a credit card in Ghana?

You can apply for a credit card from any of the issuing banks. But before you do that, ensure you meet the following criteria:

1. Have an active bank account with them

If you do not have a bank account with them, they would require you to open one. Thereafter, they would require you to run that account for at least a six month’s period. With that, they can watch your earnings and cash flow more closely.

2. Have a good relationship with the bank

Most times, the banks in Ghana rely a lot on the relationship clients have with them. And this relationship comes in when they make certain decisions.

3. Good credit history

Your credit history is essential in determining whether they’ll grant your credit card request. Once you have a track record of repaying your loans or credits with their interests promptly. They will not relent to grant your credit card request.

4. Employment

Before banks issue credit cards, they usually look out for customers who are employed. They could require information about what you do, if you are self-employed. Besides that, they could also want to know how you generate your income.

For salaried workers, they could require your employer to sign an undertaking. And your employer has to promise to always pay your salary through that bank.

What are the banks that issue Credit cards in Ghana?

The knowledge of the banks that issue credit cards in Ghana will enable you to know where to apply for one.

The following are the banks that issue credit card in Ghana:

  1. Ecobank Ghana
  2. Barclays Bank Ghana
  3. Stanbic Bank Ghana

Note: Only the credit card Barclays Bank issue caters for the needs of low and middle-income earners.

Ecobank has the following two types of credit cards:

  • Advantage Gold Credit Card
  • Premier Platinum Credit Card

You can apply for the two cards on an Advantage Current Account or a Premier Current Account.

Stanbic Bank also offers credit cards for high-income earners, just like Ecobank. In order to know the card which is the best for you, know the requirements of each issuing bank. When you know the requirements, then measure them with your income level. Besides that, if you feel you need more clarifications. You can visit any of their branches or call their customer service centers.

What are the advantages of getting a credit card?

Credit cards help customers to use funds more securely. Besides that, there are other benefits of getting a credit card.

The following are some advantages of using a credit card:

1. A credit card can enhance living conditions

It can enhance your living conditions, as it provides a short-term financing option that you can access. Besides that, the short-term financing comes with flexible payback terms.

2. You can get discounts with some credit cards

You could also get discounts with some credit cards at partner shops and some retail centers. And this discount could be up to whooping 50% on all purchases at the issuing bank’s partners.

3. You can block the credit card if you lose it

This is one reason it’s better to use a credit card than cash. This is because when you lose your credit card, you do not lose your money. You can easily block it by informing your issuing bank immediately. And also you can easily replace it with a new one immediately.

4. They accept it worldwide

You can pay for goods and services with credit cards worldwide. Because of this, you do not need to have cash on you all the time to make payments.

What are credit card fees I might pay in Ghana?

There are some fees the issuing banks of the credit cards require you to pay in Ghana. These fees help them to keep the services of the credit card up and running.

The following are the usual credit card fees you can incur in Ghana:

  1. Foreign transaction fees

On the amount of each foreign transaction, you could pay up to a 3% transaction fee.

  1. Currency conversion fees

If you pay in foreign currency (especially the US dollars), they could charge you a currency conversion fee. Making such payments attracts a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).


In Ghana, you can freely use a Visa credit card. However, you could also use Mastercard and American Express. But there’s a high probability of not accessing an ATM that uses them outside of Accra. This is because a cash withdrawal from ATMs can help you make payments at places that don’t accept credit cards. Although it could cost you additional fees. Ensure you do not overspend when you get your credit card.

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