Ghana Home Loans – How to apply for a home loan


Getting the home you desire has become easier because of the advancement in technology. That is, you can easily request a home loan or mortgage loan from the comfort of your home. This is also the same way you could request a quick loan or business loan from your home. Today in Accra and other parts of Ghana, owning a home is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Ghana Home Loans help Ghanaians to get their dream homes.

What you should know about Ghana Home Loans, their requirements, how they operate, are all-inclusive in this article.

About Ghana Home Loans

Ghana Home Loans (GHL) is a provider of mortgages and other retail and corporate banking services in Ghana. They have been operating in Ghana for over 20 years. During these years, they have gained an excellent reputation in the region. And this is because of their exemplary services to customers. They help their clients to grow their businesses by offering them loans with reasonable interests. The consistency in their operation is because of firm support from other financial institutions within and outside Ghana.

What are the requirements for Ghana Home Loans?

Regardless of whether you’re applying for a quick, consolidation, travel or student loan. Most financial institutions would need you to meet some requirements before you can apply for their loans.

The following are the requirements they would need you to meet:

  1. Proof of identification
  2. Collateral
  3. You must be an adult, etc.

Note: There could be other requirements, but to get them. You can visit them at their head office or get to them through their contact details below (in this article).

How do they operate?

The following is information about how they operate in Ghana. It will help you see more clearly the services they offer and how they operate.

Ghana Home Loans Shareholders

Ghana Home Loans works closely with other organisations for financial aid. This is to provide excellent services to their clients. And most of these organisations are financial institutions, while others are not.

Who are the partners of Ghana Home Loans?

Ghana Home Loans have companies they partner with to ensure that they serve their customers excellently.

The following are the companies they partner with:

  1. Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO)
  2. The Abraaj group
  3. Shelter Afrique
  4. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
  5. Standard Bank
  6. International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  7. Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia (BID)
  8. CAL Bank
  9. Aureos capital
  10. German Investment Corporation (KWFW DEG)
  11. Ghana International Bank

What are the products they offer?

Every financial institution usually has products they offer their customers. And Ghana Home Loans is not in exception. However, they offer three products to their customers.

The following are the products they offer:

  1. Mortgage
  2. Cooperate
  3. Diaspora.

Under the mortgage loan category. The following are the loans you will find:

  • 100% purchase mortgage
  • Land purchase mortgage
  • Home improvement mortgage
  • Quick cash mortgage
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home completion
  • Save-to-own

What are the Ghana Home Loans careers?

They usually advertise vacant job positions whenever they have it. They help to create many job opportunities for Ghanaians. And this is to help curb unemployment in Ghana. However, they employ people who have the qualifications they require.

Where can I locate Ghana Home Loans office in Ghana?

Sometimes in the quest for one creditor or the other. You could need further inquiries and would prefer to visit your loan provider in person.

For further inquiries, you can visit any of their head offices in Ghana. Especially their office in 1 Kofi Annan Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra.

Where are the branches of Ghana Home Loans in Ghana?

In order to get to render their services more efficiently to Ghanaians. They have about four branches across Ghana. And these branches are additions to their headquarter office in Accra.

You can locate those branches in the following areas:

  1. Accra, A & C Mall

Physical Address: 14 Jungle Road East Legon, Accra.

  1. Takoradi

Physical Address: Ground Floor, Far West Building, B Market Circle, Takoradi.

  1. Tema

Physical Address: Ground Floor, Lodestar Heights Community One, Tema.

  1. Kumasi

Physical Address: Ground Floor, Annex Building SSNIT Complex, Harper Road Adum, Kumasi.

What are their contact details?

There could be the need for more clarifications along the line. Especially regarding the loan you want to get, so that you make the choice that suits you best.

The following are the contact details of Ghana Home Loans:

  1. Telephone numbers: 024 243 6777, 080 077 0522 or 0302 770 522
  2. Email:
  3. Facebook: GHL Bank
  4. Twitter: GHL Bank
  5. Instagram: GHL Bank
  6. LinkedIn: Ghana Home Loans


Having a dream home with ease is what everyone would normally prefer. Besides that, knowing that a capable financial institution is at the helm of it makes it even more spicy. Ghana Home Loans works with other financial institutions within and outside of Ghana to ensure that they satisfy their customers. And this could be one reason to try them out. Moreso, Ghana Home Loans do not get only a new home for you. They also help renovate your home and boost your business. However, you must meet their requirements before they give you the loan. 

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