G Money Ghana – Requirements and How to Qualify


G-Money Ghana is a digital wallet service that GCB Bank introduced as part of its strategy for digital transformation. So, G Money Ghana offers consumers the most reasonable MMI rates across all its pricing tiers. Because of this, GCB Bank hopes to become the leading financial services provider in Ghana and beyond. Especially through a dedication to top-notch service and industry best practices.

Read on to learn more about G Money Ghana.

About G Money Ghana

GCB Bank introduced G-Money, which is a mobile money service. It lets individuals and businesses store and make transactions on their personal digital assistant devices (PDA) and phones. As one of its strategic goals, GCB Bank is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, which is reflected in this service.

As part of its commitment to provide more digital services to its devoted customers, GCB Bank has launched G-Money. The government-initiated interoperability system in Ghana is also anticipated to benefit from the service.

Who Is A G-money Agent?

A G-Money agent is a licensed business with the authority to carry out all the Ghana Commercial Bank’s obligations to its agents. Agents take up some capacity as GCB bank representatives.

They offer services comparable to those offered by all Ghana Commercial Bank branches spread throughout Ghana.

Who Qualifies To Become A G-money Agent?

You must do the following to determine your eligibility to open a G-Money Merchant outlet under the GCB bank’s name::

  1. Be 18 years or above
  1. Present proof of citizenship
  1. Show a work permit if you are a foreigner.

Whether you meet the requirements to work as a GCB Mobile Money agent. You can fill your status with these requirements.

In addition to these skills, you must also satisfy the G-Money facility requirements by the Ghana Commercial Bank. This is because you will register as an agent and do G-Money-related tasks.

How Do I Become G Money Agent?

You must take some steps to register as a G-Money agent. We will well discuss the process in this paragraph so you can comprehend it.

Ask to meet with the staff members in charge of the G-Money Merchant registration when you go to the Ghana Commercial Bank branch closest to you.

You must first sign the NDA agreement before continuing with the registration procedure. The GCB bank and agent’s business agreement is on this NDA form.

Everything the agent needs to know about the G-Money business is contained in the business agreement form. Such information includes:

  1. Company name
  2. Company’s counterpart details
  3. Agent’s full name
  4. GCB counterpart details

The application form is then filled out. It includes everything needed to make your application work. You will need to supply information about your business and yourself.

Once you have finished the application form, fill out the account operator form.

The account operator form will ask for details such as:

  1. Organization name
  2. Your name in full
  3. Date of birth
  4. House number
  5. Wallet number
  6. Gender and others

In a nutshell, the account operator form includes details on the operator and his or her address.

Send in your legal documents for company registration. Any non-GCB customers are subject to this.

Provide users and account handlers with legitimate national picture IDs.

If you have an API document, you can submit it to be added to the list of documents.

Requirements to Become A G-Money Merchant

Here are the requirements to become a G-Money Merchant:

  1. Valid National Identity card (Any of Voter ID, Driver’s license, Passport, and Ghana card is acceptable)
  2. Proof of residential and postal address
  3. Location of business
  4. Bank statement
  5. Mobile phone to carry out duties
  6. Business certificate or license
  7. Registered SIM card for G-Money operations.

After meeting these conditions, you can register to become a G Money Merchant. Either visit the GCB bank or call the GCB Mobile Money agent registration line.

Know this Before Withdrawing Money from Your G Money Wallet

At the ATM, you can take money out of your G Money wallet. However, you should know this before you do it:

  • The G-Money E-Voucher expires one (1) hour after it is generated.
  • When using an ATM, the G-Money Wallet is debited.
  • The E-Voucher amount must match the transaction amount submitted at the ATM.
  • The current limit per transaction is GH₵ 1,000.

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How Do I Transfer Money from a Bank Account to My G-Money Wallet?

In order to transfer money from a bank account to your G Money wallet, take the following steps:

1. Dial *422#

2. Select Option 2

3. Then choose option 6 (Bank Services)

Note: You must link your bank account to complete this transaction.

4. Choose option 4 (Bank to Wallet)

5. GCB Bank Limited

6. Verify your Name

7. Choose Self or Other

8. Put the Amount

9. Put the PIN to Confirm

How to Send Money Across G Money Accounts

They provided this option so customers could send money across their G Money accounts. This is the way to do it:

1. Dial *422#

2. Choose option 2 (G-Money)

3. Select Option 1 (Send Money)

4. Choose option 2 (G-Money)

5. Select Option 1 (to enter Recipient Number)

6. Fill in recipient number

7. Select Option 1 (after confirming customer’s name)

8. Enter amount

9. Enter comment

10. Select 1 (OK – After you have verified customer’s information and amount)

11. Enter PIN

What are G Money Transaction Tariffs?

G Money has transaction tariffs that are significantly better than their competitors. They are:

1. Peer to Peer (P2P)

G-Money, which charges a fixed cost of 50 pesewas for all transactions under 999.99 cedis offers the lowest P2P rate. While competitors charge as much as 10 cedis on each transaction, G-money imposes a fixed price of 1 cedi for 1,000 cedis or more transactions. 

2. Mobile Money Interoperability (MMI)

Thanks to interoperability, customers can send money through G-Money to other networks and vice versa. Consumers can get the most reasonable MMI rates at G-Money. G-money charges a fixed cost of 10 cedis for transactions worth 1000.01 cedis and over, unlike other mobile money service providers who charge up to 15 cedis. G-Money has transaction fees as low as 1% for transactions under 1000 cedis.

The Benefits of G-Money Mobile Money Agents and Subscribers

There are some benefits to be gained by using G Money. Both agents and subscribers have benefits to gain. They include:

Agent benefits

  • Agent services

You can act as an agent for other mobile money agents in addition to serving as one for regular clients. Imagine an agent’s agent.

  • Voucher generation

Produce vouchers so customers and other agents can make withdrawals and deposits to their accounts.

  • Link accounts

You can conduct banking-related transactions by connecting your G-Money mobile money account to your bank account.

Client benefits on G-Money

  • Low charges

This one has the lowest transaction fees compared to other payment platforms in the same industry.

  • Very secure

When money is involved, security is crucial. It has perhaps the most secure mobile payments platform in use right now because it is a bank product.

  • Interoperable

You won’t have any problems using it, regardless of the network you’re using for your transactions, because it integrates with various e-wallet systems without a hitch.

  • Group services

You may create G-Money groups for events, like you can build WhatsApp groups for family and friends. So the next time you want to take donations for the pals hangout, create a group to collect the money and send people reminders.


Every organization wants to make business transactions easier for their customers in this digital world. So, you would rightly say that GCB Bank has done that by introducing G Money Ghana. 

GCB G-Money allows easy banking. Therefore, you can collect or buy your e-voucher from an ATM. Meanwhile, you can withdraw money from your G Money account at any ATM in Ghana.

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