Loan Apps in Ghana for Instant Loans without Collateral


Getting a loan in Ghana has become easy due to the various loan apps available. The challenge is choosing one with the best rates and quick disbursement.

Here’s a list of the best loan apps in Ghana that offer all that:


FundCedi offers loans between GH₵ 200 to GH₵ 6,000 at an interest rate of 12% to 26%, and tenor between 91 – 365 days.

To qualify for a loan, you must be a Ghanaian citizen, aged 18-60, with a valid ID and Ghanaian contact number.

Download the FundCedi Loan app, request a loan, and receive funds in minutes in your bank account.


This free loan app in Ghana offers access to short-term loans without collateral. You can get loan amounts ranging from GH₵ 10,000 and GH₵ 100,000, with a one-time handling fee varying between 2.5% and 5%.

The interest rate ranges from 3.5% to 12% per year. You’ll have a choice of either monthly installments or a lump sum payment within 3 to 24 months.

A delay in payment costs 0.1% for each day overdue, and the late fee is capped at 18% of the principal amount outstanding.


Boseapa offers up to GH₵ 6,000 – GH₵ 700,000 in loans at interest rates from 0.0057% daily to a 20.80% annual rate. Payment terms are also flexible in the range of 91 – 365 days.


With the GhanaLending loan app, you can borrow up to GH₵ 3,000. But this varies based on your record with the app, and your perceived capacity to pay back.

To apply for a loan, you must be between the ages of 20 – 60 years.


This is a loan app in Ghana that offers quick loans without collateral. It offers loans ranging from GH₵ 2,000 to GH₵ 5,000 with a repayment period of 90 to 365 days.

If you apply for a loan of GH₵ 5,000 with a repayment period of 90 days and annual interest of 10%, you’ll repay GH₵ 5,123.

To get a loan, you must be a Ghanaian citizen aged between 22 and 25 years, and have a valid means of ID.

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